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Speeding Ticket in Fairfax, VA

Most of us, if not all of us, have driven an automobile in excess of the posted speed limit. If ticketed for speeding, most simply pre-pay the ticket so they can avoid the inconvenience of going to court. However, pre-paying a ticket is an admission of guilt – and the court will find you guilty. You will be fined, and DMV will be notified and your insurance premiums may increase. There are technical defenses to speeding, most notably, the officer’s method by which he determined your speed. Typically, speeding cases involve either: LIDAR, RADAR or PACE. It’s important for a Speeding Ticket Attorney to know which method the officer used to determine your speed and know the methods by which to attack that evidence. It’s also imperative that the attorney knows your case inside and out, as officers can make mistakes identifying the car that was speeding and also during trial.

I got a speeding ticket, should I hire a Lawyer?

Yes. Hiring an attorney is worth it. You may be able to calculate the cost of the ticket, but can you calculate the insurance cost? Everyone always says that they will never get a second ticket, but what if you do? A good driving record can be gone over night, and if you go to court to fight the second ticket, your first ticket will appear for the judge and prosecutor to see. You will lose credibility and you cannot rely on the defense that “I’m a good driver” anymore. Every ticket is worthy of defending. Your driving record is an indicator of who you are, and your ability to follow the law. Take it seriously.

A Good Speeding Ticket Attorney can analyze your case and determine how to attack the evidence. The attorney also knows how to bolster his or her client’s chances through pre-trial tactics like: Driver Improvement Schools, Aggressive Driver Clinics, Speedometer Calibration Checks, and/or Community Service.

Even if the attorney is unable to persuade the prosecutor to dismiss your case, there are potential reductions that can be negotiated. There are 3-point violations and 4-point violations for speeding. However, there are also infractions that carry zero (0) points, most notably: Defective Equipment and Failure to Pay Full Time and Attention. A zero-point violation should have a minimal impact on insurance premiums.

Virginia DMV Points Associated with Speeding (3 or 4 Points)

  • 1-9 MPH over speed limit – 3-Point DMV Violation
  • 10-19 MPH over speed limit – 4-Point DMV Violation
  • 20+ MPH over speed limit – 6-Point DMV Violation (Reckless Driving Page Link here)

How Much is a Speeding Ticket in Fairfax and the rest of NoVa?

  • Generally, $6 per MPH over the posted speed limit plus a $51 processing fee
  • School Crossing Zone: $7 per MPH over speed limit plus a $51 processing fee, Max Fine: $250
  • Highway Work Zone: $7 per MPH over speed limit plus a $51 processing fee, Max Fine: $500
  • Residential Districts: $200 fine plus $8 per MPH over speed limit plus a $51 processing fee.

No portion of the fine will be suspended unless the court orders the completion of 20-hours of community service

Highway Safety Corridors: Fines Doubled

Reckless Driving by Speed: Up to 12-months in jail, a $2500 fine, either or both, and a potential loss of license for up to 6-months

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