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With nearly 800 traffic fatalities per year in the state, Virginia takes Reckless Driving very seriously, and law enforcement is not shy about issuing tickets to citizens, even when they have the discretion to give “breaks” for even borderline infractions. In fact, nearly one third of these fatalities are a result of motorists traveling at high speeds. With such staggering statistics, the issuance of Reckless Driving tickets is quite common in Virginia. Unfortunately, what is almost as common is that many of these charges are given to individuals who otherwise, have strong driving records and don’t typically lead reckless lives. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time – ensuring you have proper legal representation to handle your Reckless Driving charge should not be the next mistake you make.

My Advice: Don’t Accept a Reckless Driving Charge

Many believe their ticket should be viewed as face value and elect to accept the charge, and suffer the long term consequences they often bring. What many do not realize is that a Reckless Driving conviction can come with extreme results. Not the least of which can include points, heavy fines, and in some cases even jail time. Longer term effects can include insurance increases, and even loss of wages and/or employment for individuals whose jobs rely on a clean driving record.

Don’t accept the high risks at stake. At Robinson Law, attorney Michael Robinson boasts a long list of success stories in his defense of Virginia Reckless Driving cases. As he encourages with all of his clients, do your homework. Call Michael today at 888-579-8778 or complete an online case evaluation [make link to form] for your free case consultation. Use this time to leverage Michael’s expertise as a former prosecutor as well as a proven Defense Attorney to learn what your options are, and take control over the outcome of your charge.

Common Questions in Reckless Driving Cases

I Have a Good Driving Record – Should I Represent Myself?

It’s a fair question. I personally believe that when it comes to diving, you should be judged on the totality of your driving history, not on one isolated moment in time. If you were to take a poll, I think judges feel the same way. However, here is the problem: Judges do not have time to look at everyone’s driving history before making a decision on the case. If that were the case, they would be there all day and night, as typically courts have hundreds of cases to dispose of each day.

They make the decision on whether or not the person committed the offense, and then they will ask the officer about the person’s DMV point balance. The point balance has nothing to do with the judge’s decision on whether or not to find you innocent or guilty, it’s usually to determine how much of a fine to assess, or whether or not to take your license. By the time the judge asks about a point balance, the decision about guilt or innocence has usually been made. I’ve seen so many stunned faces when this happens. It is at this point they realize, they should have retained an attorney.

I’ve Been Found Guilty of Reckless Driving in Fairfax. What Can I Do? Can I Appeal?

If you have been found guilty of Reckless Driving, you have the right to appeal your conviction de novo (new) to the Circuit Court of the jurisdiction you are charged. However, you have only 10-days to note your appeal from the date of the conviction.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

There are three main reasons you should hire an attorney for a Reckless Driving charge in Fairfax and Northern Virginia:

  • Pre-Court advice and strategy:
    • A good Reckless Driving attorney can look at the facts of your case and guide you on things you can do before going to court that can help build a stronger defense and/or mitigate the severity of the charge. Some things that may be helpful are:
      • Driver’s Improvement Clinic
      • Aggressive Driver’s Improvement Clinic
      • Speedometer Calibration
      • Community Service
  • Access and relationship to the prosecutor/Negotiations:
    • It’s always good to hire an attorney who is familiar with the jurisdiction you are facing the Reckless Driving charge. It’s very common that defense attorneys know the prosecutors or law enforcement on a personal level, or have worked with them before. Sometimes, relationships matter. I would hire an attorney familiar with the jurisdiction, rather than an outsider.
  • Trial: Attacking the evidence:
    • When you cannot reach an advantageous settlement in your case, a good Reckless Driving Attorney must know how to attack the evidence during a trial. In Reckless Driving by speed cases, Laser, Radar and Pace are the most typical methods used by law enforcement to calculate speed. A good attorney must know how to overcome these issues and levy an effective attack on the Commonwealth’s case. In other Reckless Driving cases, it will be more about the driving behavior than the overall speed of travel. A good attorney will know the facts of your case inside-out. They will have taken the time to thoroughly research the issues in your case, and will be prepared to litigate on your behalf.

Punishment for Reckless Driving

Class 1 Misdemeanor – Yes, it is a crime

Punishable by up to 12 months in jail, and up to a $2500 fine
6-points on your Driving Record
A potential loss of license for up to 6-months
Some Reckless Driving charges are reduced to Improper Driving – §46.2-869

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