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Washington, D.C., is known not only for being the capital of the U.S., the center of government, a city with impressive monuments and museums, parks and recreational opportunities, but also for a less desirable element: its legendary traffic.

Northern Virginia: A Terrible Place to Drive

Survey after survey shows that D.C.-area residents have one of the worst commutes in the country, if not THE worst. And, Fairfax County, Va., might be ground zero for the most difficult stretch of road in the entire metropolitan area. Have you ever been on I-66 during rush hour? Then, you know how it can quickly become a parking lot.

Many other roads in Fairfax County get clogged with cars on a regular basis, including the Beltway’s western loop, Routes 50 and 267, 28 and 29, and the Fairfax County Parkway. All of these routes create conditions where it’s easy to incur a traffic violation.

Here are several ways that traffic tickets can be earned in regions where roadways are especially choked:

  • You can end up far behind the intersection in a line of cars, then get to the intersection right when the light turns red—and you are already far past the solid white line.
  • You move slowly for miles, then have a breakaway and are in a hurry. Before you know it, you are in a pack of speeding cars, all exceeding the posted limit. You have to speed to avoid being a hazard, in some cases.
  • You know that if you wait through another light in heavy traffic, you will be late for your huge appointment. So, you fail to stop completely before making a right turn on red.

Accepting the Ticket vs. Fighting It

When you are stopped and receive a ticket from a patrol officer, or you have one mailed to you after a camera snaps a photo of your license plate at an intersection, a natural tendency is to pay the fine and move on. However, don’t ever forget that mistakes are sometimes made in reading speeds, and breathalyzer tests are not always accurate. In addition, law enforcement officers commit mistakes in procedure when they flag you for a DUI or charge you with reckless driving.

Before you meekly pay your fine or admit guilt at a hearing, contact a Fairfax traffic defense lawyer and find out if you have a chance at getting your charge and sentence/fine reduced. This could be extremely important if you have had other violations on your record and face a loss of driving privileges or jail time.

Get a Lawyer Who is Familar With Fairfax & Northern Virginia

Michael Robinson has vast experience defending his clients in the Northern Virginia area. He has served as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney in several areas of Virginia, so he knows how the prosecution will approach your case, and he has an intimate knowledge of traffic law in the Old Dominion.

Don’t admit guilt without getting a free consultation with Attorney Michael A. Robinson. An admission of guilt means that you waive all right to a trial, and your next car insurance bill might bring a nasty surprise rate hike due to your driving record. In addition, your employment contract might hinge on you having a valid driver’s license, and no traffic violation is worth losing a job over!

Contact Attorney Michael A. Robinson and get the help you need to move past a traffic violation and on with your life. Even though it’s often hard to sit in Fairfax County traffic, it’s better than not having the right to drive.

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