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Few charges in the State of Virginia carry harsher sentences than that of Malicious Wounding. If you are facing a charge of 20 years to life in prison and a fine of up to $100,000 for Malicious Wounding, you’re going to need the absolute best Fairfax Malicious Wounding lawyer in the area.

You can contact Attorney Michael A. Robinson immediately for a free consultation to discuss your case. He will give you an honest assessment of the merits of your case, as well as sound advice about how to pursue it.

Malicious Wounding is one of the most serious charges in Virginia.

Because of the seriousness of a Malicious Wounding charge, many points have to be proven in court for a person to be convicted. The prosecution must prove that the defendant shot, stabbed, cut, wounded or caused bodily injury to someone else with the intention of inflicting bodily injury as s/he committed the act. It also must be proven, obviously, that the act was done with malice. In addition, the victim must be severely injured, often with a permanent physical impairment resulting as well.

What can an attorney do about my Malicious Wounding Charge?

This opens up many lines of possibility for a skilled Virginia criminal defense lawyer to pursue, such as whether or not “malice” existed in the accused person’s mind, or if the victim is permanently impacted by the incident and has suffered a verifiably severe injury.

The lesser charge of Unlawful Wounding can result if the victim is not severely injured as a result of the alleged attack. That quickly brings the maximum sentence down to one year, and the highest fine to $2,500. A solid Virginia criminal defense lawyer can work to have your charge transformed to the lesser crime of Unlawful Wounding in many instances.

Whether you live in Fairfax or otherwise (Great Falls or Herndon, Lorton or Springfield, Falls Church or Prince William, etc), and have been charged with Malicious Wounding, get in touch immediately with a skilled Virginia criminal defense attorney.

Defending Your Security Clearance in Northern Virginia

Scores of Fairfax County residents have federal security clearances, all of which can be changed or eliminated due to a criminal record. It’s imperative that federal employees maintain a clean slate legally, and it helps immensely to have a lawyer who understands the importance of these clearances and has represented many government employees in court, including several leading members of the military in various cases.

Don’t let a Malicious Wounding charge ruin your life or even result in you spending the rest of your life as an incarcerated person. A lot is on the line with this charge, so you will need the best possible defense that you can muster. Your life as a free man or woman might depend on it.

That’s why it makes great sense to hire Michael A. Robinson, a Virginia criminal defense lawyer with a reputation for fighting tirelessly for his clients. Contact him today for a free consultation, and begin to recover from your incident and prove your innocence to the fullest degree possible.

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