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What is Larceny?

Virginia adheres to the common law definition of larceny which is: the wrongful taking and carrying away the property of another with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of possession. The property taken must have some value. The crime of larceny can be further divided into taking which are: from the person, and takings that are not from the person.
Larceny is divided into Grand Larceny and Petit Larceny, and their penalties differ greatly. What makes a larceny either Grand Larceny or Petit Larceny is generally the value of the property taken. However, sometimes it is not the value of the property, but rather if the property is taken from the person or not.

Larceny is a crime of moral turpitude (a crime involving lying, cheating or stealing), and is considered contrary to honesty and good morals. Larceny can have disastrous consequences for employment, education and immigration. If you are charged with any form of larceny, it’s imperative that you find an experienced Virginia Larceny Attorney who will vigorously defend you in a court of law.

Grand Larceny in Fairfax

Found in Virginia Code 18.2-95, Grand Larceny is the taking of money or something of value of $5 or more from the person. Grand Larceny can also be the taking of money or something of value of $200 or more not from the person. Grand Larceny is also the taking or stealing of any type of firearm regardless of value.

How is Grand Larceny Punished in Northern Virginia?

Grand Larceny is an unclassified Felony. What this means is that the punishment is contained in the statute. The punishment is: imprisonment for not less than 1 year nor more than 20 years, or be confined in jail for a period of not exceeding 12 months or fined not more than $2500, either or both.

Petit Larceny

Petit Larceny is found in Virginia Code 18.2-96. Petit Larceny is the taking of money or something of value less than $5 from the person. Petit Larceny can also be the taking of money or something of value of less than $200 not from the person.

How is Petit Larceny Punished?

Petit Larceny is a Class 1 Misdemeanor. The punishment is: up to 12 month in jail and up to a $2500 fine, either or both.

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