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There are many aspects to take into consideration. Dont’ take these charges lightly – contact a Virginia DUI Defense Lawyer that has the experience, reputation and aggressive defense you need to protect your record. As mentioned throughout my website, I offer free consultations to my clients. Simply complete the online case evaluation form with your case details and I will get back to you with my recommendations and analysis.

While you’ll find a great deal of information on my site, the most important step you should take is reaching out directly to a Virginia DUI Defense Lawyer, and discussing your case. At my firm, I offer free initial case evaluations. It’s imperative that you feel confident and comfortable with the experience your Attorney offers you, as well as a proven track record that can lend comfort in knowing he’s on your team, and has the skills to take care of this for you. Finding an Attorney that meets these qualifications can be challenging. I encourage you to do your research and make sure you know what to expect, and what you’re getting for your money.

On my site, I like to refer prospective clients to a series of recommendations and testimonies provided on my behalf. For prospective military clients, I direct your attention to the recommendations offered by several Senior Military Officers as testimony to the type of individual I am, the work ethic I honor, and the defense you can expect to receive when hiring me as your Attorney.


To be charged with a DUI, law enforcement must first have reasonable suspicion to stop you and probable cause to arrest you – often times they lack one or the other.  Frequently, an officer will stop someone because of slight swerving or because the officer “believes” that they have other grounds to make the stop.  Remember, whether the stop of an automobile is constitutional or not is based, not on what the officer believes, but what a judge decides.   The best advice is this:  Don’t assume that you are guilty.  Call Robinson Law for a free case evaluation.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) can have drastic consequences on your personal and professional life.  A first-offense DUI conviction can lead to license revocation, high fines and court costs, alcohol classes and other court ordered programs, the installation of the ignition interlock device and, in some cases, jail time.


In Virginia, a person is per se’ guilty of DUI if there are found driving or operating a motor vehicle on a highway in Virginia with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .08 or greater.  Va. Code Ann. 18.2-266.


In Virginia a person is considered to have an elevated BAC once they have a BAC of .15 or more after having a chemical analysis of their breath or blood conducted.  If a person is found guilty of DUI with a BAC between .15 but less than .20, a 5-day mandatory minimum jail sentence is required to be imposed.  If the BAC is higher than .20, a ten-day mandatory minimum jail sentence is required to be imposed.  These mandatory minimums apply even if it is a first-offense DUI.  Virginia Code Ann. 18.2-270.


A DUI conviction within a period of 5 years or within a period of 5 to 10 years from the first DUI, can carry with it far more sever consequences than a first-offense DUI including but not limited to:  mandatory minimum jail sentences, a three-year license revocation and mandatory installation of the ignition interlock device.  Va. Code Ann. 18.2-270.


The ignition interlock is a device installed in your automobile which requires a person to submit to a breath test before the automobile will start.  Additionally, the device can require what is known as a “rolling restart.”  A rolling restart is when the driver is required to submit to an additional breath test to keep the automobile operational after the initial breath test.  This is to prevent the driver from using a third-person to blow into the device to initially start the automobile.  Tampering with an ignition interlock device is a separate crime.


A DUI conviction is a 6-point violation in Virginia and will stay on your DMV transcript for 11-years.

These charges are serious. Hire a DUI & DWI lawyer in Fairfax for your best chance at a clean record (or atleast a reduced charge). I am such an attorney and I can represent anyone in Northern Virginia (and the rest of Virginia for that matter). Get a free consultation.

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