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Being charged with Possession and/or Distribution of an illegal or prescription drug can lead to long jail terms and huge fines. When these two types of charges overlap, you can be charged with the serious offense of “Possession with the Intent to Distribute.” This type of case is turning up more in Fairfax County due to the increased procurement of prescription drugs when prescriptions are altered in a fraudulent manner.

Fortunately, if you have been charged with Possession and/or Distribution of an illegal drug, a series of stringent constitutional, procedural and technical requirements have to be met to lead to a conviction. Those who successfully defeat their drug crimes, almost without fail, have hired an attorney.

Don’t Risk It – Hire a Drug Charge Lawyer in Fairfax

Michael Robinson is an attorney intimately familiar with defending those charged with possession of Marijuana, other illegal drugs, and prescription drugs. As a former prosecutor he knows his way around the courtroom and the judicial process. He understands thoroughly the circumstances that can lead to a breakdown in the prosecution’s case, including search and seizure violations, evidentiary chain of custody issues, violations of your Miranda rights and the admissibility of various types of certificates of analysis.

I Have a Drug Charge in Northern Virginia – What Will Happen to Me?

Possession charges in the state of Virginia that qualify as felonies with punishments of up to 10 years in prison include Schedule One or Schedule Two drugs, such as cocaine, Ecstasy and heroin. The punishments are lighter for other types of drugs, such as marijuana, narcotic drugs or stimulants/depressants, but they can still create a criminal record for you and lead to some jail time and fines.

First-time offenders might be given probation, but other offenses such as transporting drugs into the state or distributing drugs to minors can result in long prison terms and considerable fines. Whether you have been charged with possession of a drug in Fairfax City or distribution of a drug in Chantilly, get in touch with a skilled and experienced Fairfax drug charge lawyer.

Your Drug Charge Can Be Dropped or Reduced in Fairfax County

Any holes in the opposition’s case in these and other areas can result in your charges getting reduced or even dismissed. In other instances, a skilled Virginia criminal defense attorney can obtain a more favorable plea bargain, verdict or sentence.

Attorney Michael A. Robinson offers a free consultation to discuss your case. He will give you sound advice regarding how you will fare in court and outline what arguments can be used in your defense. He knows precisely where a prosecutor’s case can break down, due to his years of experience on the other side of the courtroom.

Whether you have been accused of possession of marijuana in Tyson’s Corner or improper acquisition of a prescription drug in McLean, a competent Virginia criminal defense lawyer can help. Many Fairfax County residents have federal security clearances, which can be greatly impacted if you have a criminal record. You need a lawyer who understands the importance of these clearances and has represented many federal employees in court, including numerous members of the military.

That’s why hiring Michael A. Robinson makes sense. Contact him today for a free consultation, and get the help you need to defend yourself against a drug possession and/or distribution charge.

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