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Being charged with Assault and/or Battery in the State of Virginia can mean up to 10 years in jail and heavy fines. If you have been charged with either or both of these serious crimes, don’t hesitate to contact a skilled and experienced Fairfax Assault and Battery lawyer who can help you to get the charges reduced or even dismissed, or in some cases obtain a plea bargain or more favorable verdict or sentence.

Assault & Battery: A Simple Explanation

Assault and Battery in Virginia can be defined as physically threatening to hurt someone (Assault) and/or causing actual injury (Battery). These crimes can be charged as felonies, especially if they involve hate crimes, domestic violence, batteries by prisoners or assaults against certain employees, such as judges, law enforcement officers and correctional officers.

The incidents that can lead to a battery charge in Fairfax County can include everything from a physical act intended to cause harm or even an act that could place the victim in fear of actual harm. That’s a broad definition, and you’re going to need help to defend yourself as this type of legal language is used.

Have a Clearance? Michael Can Help Defend It.

Many of the residents of Fairfax County have federal security clearances, which can be adversely affected by a criminal record. That’s even more reason why you need to enlist the highest caliber lawyer possible in the county. An experienced attorney such as Michael A. Robinson, Esq. who has served as both a prosecutor and defense lawyer, is an absolute must if you are to arrange the best possible defense in your case. He offers a free consultation to all prospective clients, so contact him immediately to get to work on your case.

A strong Virginia criminal defense lawyer will help to reconstruct the scene and place into question the accounts given of what occurred. Did you actually say that you were going to kill someone as you ran at them, or is that something s/he misheard? Did you have a knife in your hand, or was it just assumed that you did because you came from the kitchen area? All of these types of questions are crucial and need to be raised for your defense.

Related Offenses

Hate crimes is another legal area with much leeway. How can it be proven, for instance, that you struck a victim based on his color or national origin? This very serious charge also has a high legal standard to be met to prove it. Get the help of a good Fairfax County criminal defense attorney.

Domestic violence is another serious charge that can be difficult for the prosecution to prove. Was the man who was struck a person that you lived with during the past year or just a friend? Can he prove that you had lived together? This is just one example of a tact that a sound Virginia criminal defense lawyer can take in your case.

Contact Attorney Michael Robinson without delay for a free consultation, and make sure that you give yourself the best possible chance you can in court. Michael is an experienced assault & battery lawyer and will be able to help you.

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