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Been charged in Winchester? You are going to need a criminal defense attorney with extensive experience in the area and years of practice as a prosecutor and defense lawyer. That way, s/he can see both sides of every case, and thus mount a strong defense for you.

Michael Robinson, Esq., is an attorney with all of these qualifications. He has served as both a prosecutor and defense lawyer in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and he defends the accused in the Winchester area on a routine basis. If you face charges in any of the areas listed below, contact him today for a free consultation, when he will patiently discuss your case and recommend a best course of action.

Attorney Michael Robinson, a Winchester criminal attorney, can help in all of these areas of criminal law:

Assault and Battery

Many legal requirements have to be met to prove this charge, and a good Winchester criminal defense lawyer will know how to raise doubt about each requirement presented.

Domestic Violence

This controversial charge invokes a lot of emotion into the courtroom. You will need a steady hand to guide you in your defense against this serious allegation.

Drug Charges

The key in this area is to get drug charges reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor, which will greatly reduce jail time and fines.


These charges are serious even if they stand alone, but they become much more serious if they mount up. Your attorney will need to know how to quickly challenge breathalyzer results and the procedures used after you were stopped.

Federal Cases

Charges on crimes committed on federal property differ in interpretation, type of court, type of judge and intensity of the prosecutor, in many cases. Only a percentage of Winchester criminal defense attorneys are licensed to practice in federal court; among them is Attorney Michael Robinson.


This crime can become serious in no time, if more than $5 is stolen off a person or $200 or more is stolen not directly from the victim’s person. Grand larceny, a felony, can encompass even simple shoplifting, and carry sentences ranging from 1 to 20 years. Petit larceny is a misdemeanor, but can still cause you to spend time in jail and pay large fines.

Malicious Wounding

Much as to be proven for this charge to stand, including intent to harm and malice, both of which are difficult to prove when a solid criminal defense lawyer is on your side.

Probation Violations

Many local residents violate the terms of their probation, and some do it without realizing it. Failure to report to your probation officer each month can be considered a violation, for instance. If this happens, an arrest is immediately made and a probation hearing is held. A gifted criminal defense attorney always makes a tremendous difference for his/her client at this hearing.

Whether you live in Winchester, Berryville or any of the other towns nearby, you will need a solid Virginia criminal defense attorney to defend you against the maximum punishments of the law. Contact Michael A. Robinson as soon as possible, and engage a Winchester attorney who always fights for his clients.

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