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An incident occurred, you’re not even sure what happened, but now you are charged with a crime. Before you panic or get discouraged, contact a Norfolk criminal lawyer that can help you.

Don’t leave your fate to the court or think that you can effectively represent yourself. At a time like this when so much is on the line—a possible criminal record, your clearance threatened—you need a competent Norfolk criminal lawyer, preferably one that has spent time in the Tidewater area.

Michael A. Robinson, Esq., is a lawyer who knows the Norfolk area and has the added bonus of having been both a prosecutor and defense attorney. Because of that background, he is expertly prepared to defend anyone accused of a crime, because he knows precisely how a prosecutor operates and what arguments s/he will offer.

Been Accused of a Crime in/near Norfolk?

If you have been accused of a crime in or near Norfolk, contact Attorney Michael Robinson today for a free consultation. He will patiently go over your case and make a recommendation on how you should proceed, with the goal of having your charges reduced or dismissed, your sentence lightened or eliminated. In some cases, you can even settle out of court and avoid a criminal record.

Michael Robinson’s Areas of Criminal Legal Expertise

  • Assault and Battery—assault and battery includes the threat to do bodily harm, as well as the action of causing bodily harm. High legal standards have to be met for them to be upheld. A good defense lawyer will know how to argue strongly against questionable evidence of intent.
  • Domestic Violence—this charge is taken seriously by everyone in the American legal system, but it still can be hard to prove. Testimonies differ and questions sometimes surround the people involved, as to whether they are indeed “family” members and can file this charge.
  • Drug Charges—if you are charged with possession, distribution or intent to distribute an illegal or prescription drug, the arresting officer must have followed many procedural steps carefully if your charges are to hold up in court. A skilled Norfolk attorney can also help you face misdemeanor rather than felony charges.
  • DUI & DWI—judges want to get drunk drivers off the road, and courts do not show much mercy to drivers charged with these crimes. You will need a faithful ally in court to fight these charges or retain your driving privileges. Many careful procedures must be followed to have a DUI or DWI case hold up in court.
  • Federal Cases—with all of the federal property in and around Norfolk, many crimes committed turn into federal cases. You are going to need a lawyer that is licensed to practice in federal court, such as Attorney Michael Robinson.
  • Larceny—this crime is taken quite seriously in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with even simple shoplifting earning long sentences and large fines. If at all possible, you want your charges reduced from grand to petit larceny.
  • Malicious Wounding—this is another charge that has a high legal standard, with malice needing to be proven. An insightful Norfolk criminal lawyer will know how to approach this type of case.
  • Probation Violations—whether you violate probation intentionally or unintentionally, the punishment can be severe. The hearing after your arrest will be crucial to your future. You will want to have a gifted lawyer by your side.

Whether you live in Norfolk or Chesapeake, Newport News or Virginia Beach, contact Attorney Michael A. Robinson to fight for all of your rights in criminal law cases.

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