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Many of my clients in the Washington-Arlington- Alexandria MSA come from the county of Arlington. Situated in Northern Virginia, Arlington would have been the fourth-largest city in the state if it were incorporated as a city instead of as a county. It is the smallest self-governing county whose judiciary is kept surprisingly busy by the county’s prosperous economy. I am an experienced criminal defense lawyer well-versed in the dealings of the Arlington County Criminal Court.

Clearance Defense in Arlington

Due to its geographical proximity to Washington D.C. Arlington County is home to many federal departments of the U.S. Government including the Department of Defense and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. The county has a thriving hospitality sector led by Marriott and Starwoods. It is also home to several technology giants like Boeing, Accenture, Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems. Most of these companies work on a contractual basis with the government in areas of defense, security, aviation and aerospace technology.

Given the lack of specific government laws, the tech industry is especially capricious and I have been able to assist my clients in issues like investigations, arrests, criminal charges, appeal to the courts and any post-trial issues. A significant portion of my work with these clients includes planning the course of action when a client suspects they are being investigated and before an arrest is made or charges filed. My other clients in the county include educational institutions, business owners and white collar workers.

Discovering that a family member or a close one has been charged with criminal conduct can be an emotionally exhausting experience. Any misdemeanor or felony convictions can impact the accused’s future. In such times, you need to make sure that the accused has the most professional and competent Arlington defense lawyer. State certification and years of experience are not enough, your lawyer should never have been disciplined. I have held a credible practice for several years now during which I have never been disciplined by the bar.

Finding a Criminal Lawyer in Arlington, VA

I have a proven Criminal Defense track record in Arlington with credible testimonies. My aim, while representing a criminal defense client, is dismissal or maximum reduction of the charges. Any brush with law can prove lethal for rest of a client’s live and I aim at getting each client’s name off the criminal records after a case. Criminal records are now easily accessible through the Internet and can severely limit your future job prospects. Arlington County’s criminal courts are ruthless and you need the best Arlington defense lawyer on your side.

You may schedule an appointment by submitting an online application form or phoning my offices. During consultations, I evaluate the applicant’s case objectively and give him/her a set of probable outcomes of the case at hand. These consultations are free of charge and don’t have any obligations attached.

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