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It can be quite a shock to be accused of a crime. There can be a second shock when you learn just how serious the charges are against you.

If you have been accused of a crime in or near Chesapeake, VA, don’t give up hope. A skilled Chesapeake criminal lawyer can help you fight back. To mount the best possible defense, you will need a criminal defense attorney that has vast experience in the Chesapeake area and has spent years on both sides of the courtroom, having served as a prosecutor and defense lawyer.

Criminal attorneys with this type of background can anticipate the tactics and arguments of the prosecutor, which can help you prepare for some of the most important hours and days of your life.

Meet Michael Robinson, an Experienced Chesapeake Criminal Attorney

Michael Robinson, Esq., is the Chesapeake attorney that meets all of these criteria. He has served as a prosecutor and defense lawyer across the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you have been charged with a crime in any of the areas listed below, contact him for a free consultation as soon as possible and find out what your options are, including settlements out of court.

Attorney Michael Robinson can help with these charges, among others:

  • Assault and Battery—assault and battery can be separate charges or combined. Both have high legal standards to meet, such as intent. A competent defense lawyer will know how to defeat sketchy evidence of intent and get your charges reduced or dismissed.
  • Domestic Violence—it can be hard to prove this charge as well. Differing testimonies can paint a very confusing picture, which a defense lawyer will capitalize on. Doubt can also be introduced as to whether the violence involved someone who falls into this specific category, which can also lead to a reduction in the seriousness of the charge.
  • Drug Charges—whether you are charged with possession or distribution or intent to distribute, many procedural steps have to be strictly followed for the charges to stand up in court. Differences between felonies and misdemeanors are enormous when it comes to drug charges.
  • DUI & DWI—societal attitudes have made these charges more serious than ever. When they are brought repeatedly, you can lose your license for a long time. An insightful attorney will know how to fight against breathalyzer results and questionable procedures after a routine traffic stop, among other defenses.
  • Federal Cases—your lawyer must be licensed to practice in federal court, as Attorney Michael Robinson is. Prosecutors, judges and courts differ greatly in federal cases from state and local ones.
  • Larceny—this crime is fairly serious in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with lengthy sentences and large fines for even shoplifting. You will want to fight grand larceny charges vigorously, with the hope of a reduction to a misdemeanor or petit larceny.
  • Malicious Wounding—this also has a high legal bar to surpass, with malice needing to be proven, as well as severe injury. A solid Chesapeake criminal lawyer can help greatly.
  • Probation Violations—local residents violate the terms of their probation often, many times unknowingly. The law takes these violations very seriously, and you will need a strong criminal attorney familiar with the Chesapeake judicial system to represent you at your hearing after any violation.

Whether you live in Chesapeake or Virginia Beach, Newport News or Hampton, get in touch with Attorney Michael A. Robinson, a Chesapeake attorney who knows the area and its courts well, and pledges to fight energetically in defense of his clients.

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