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Michael A. Robinson, Esq. loves Northern Virginia, and is proud to serve its residents, with offices in Leesburg and Fairfax City. Michael has familiarity with the courts, judges and prosecutors in the General District Courts of Fairfax County, Northern Virginia in general, Norfolk, Loudon County and the rest of Virginia.

Areas Served

Whether you have faced criminal charges in Ashburn or Chantilly, Centreville or Herndon, Great Falls or Reston, Michael can help. He brings years of experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He is also licensed to practice in federal court, which is crucial for an attorney in Northern Virginia, given the great amount of federal property in the area. Any crimes committed on these properties will, of course, be charged as federal offenses.

If you’ve been charged with DUI in Tyson’s Corner or a traffic felony in Fairfax City, drug possession in Lorton or malicious wounding in Mclean, Michael can help. He has years of experience in dealing with the judges and prosecutors in these areas of law, and he knows how to maneuver to give you the best possible outcome. That could result in your charges being downgraded and/or your fines reduced. It could mean a shorter sentence, a pre-trial settlement out of court, or even a total dismissal of your case.

Michael has successfully defended numerous Northern Virginia residents in court over the years. He has an intricate knowledge of local, state and federal criminal law and knows precisely where your rights might have been violated in the process of your arrest and being charged with a crime. He knows exactly what procedures have to be followed in cases like yours, and where errors are commonly made that could lead to a dismissal of your case.

He also possesses a keen sense of whether or not evidence is admissible, and he will not tolerate any inadmissible evidence being introduced in your case. With Michael on your side, you have the best chance to win in court. It’s that simple.

One crucial example of the importance of a skilled defense attorney is in getting a felony reduced to a misdemeanor. This can be vital in terms of your sentence, fine and criminal record. Michael has proven to be very adept at getting charges reclassified to a lesser offense, which means a far better outcome for you. Michael understands that many of his clients have federal security clearances, and he strives to keep those clearances intact as he defends you.

Contact Robinson Law today for a free consultation wherever you are in Northern Virginia. Michael will patiently guide you through your available options and then advise you honestly about your next, best step in the process. He will defend you vigorously at every turn and make sure that your rights are always respected.

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